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About Me

Greetings! My name is Santa Lars and I'm your professional Santa Claus. With a passion for spreading joy and holiday magic, I embody the spirit of Christmas. I bring warmth, authenticity, and a twinkle in my eye to every event, making cherished memories that last a lifetime. 

The History of Santa Claus

Santa Claus, with roots tracing back to the 4th century and evolving through various cultures and traditions, has become the iconic symbol of Christmas, embodying the spirit of generosity and goodwill.

Odin the God of War was the first manifestation to represent Santa Claus. He had qualities similar to today's Santa Claus, but he was not near as big nor jolly.

The First Santa 

Saint Nicholas of Myra was a religiously based Santa Claus. Standing at 6'1", he was the tallest Santa Claus for 1,500 years. He is known for his attire being unsuitable for the conditions of winter. 

Saint Nicholas

The early nast Santa was rumored to be dwarfed, which is a drastic change between the previous embodiment of Santa. Standing at 5'3" with a large belly that was said to jiggle like jello, this was the first Santa to have a warm personality. This Santa introduced the stocking. 

Early Nast Santa

Victorian Santa was a compassionate father Christmas. Not big and jolly, but he took on human characteristics. This Santa was introduced to warn children not to misbehave. He preached the celebration of life. 

A Victorian Santa

He's the first Santa Claus with a definitive red suit. Coming in a 6'6", Coca-Cola made the tallest Santa Claus in history. Being twice the size of the previous Santa, Coca-Cola's Santa is twice as jolly. 

Coca-Cola Santa

I love keeping the tradition of Santa going! I hope you learned a little something about the history of Santa today. Give me a jingle if you want Santa at your next event!

Modern Day Santa 

Get in touch with Santa today!

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